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Fancy a peek into my perverted mind?

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1. Please don't bother adding me if you're a fan of Stephenie Meyer and/or E.L. James. That just tells me that you not only appreciate bad grammar and spelling, but unimaginative and cliched storytelling as well. Don't even bother leaving a comment defending them in hopes that I'll see the error of my ways. Most fans of those two write just as horribly as they do so please, spare me the freaking headache of having to read YOUR bad writing and go away.

2. Please don't tell me that I 'deserve' to be added as a friend or 'won a complimentary add' to your journal. Why sweetie, thanks but no thanks, and please, get over yourself. Narcissism is NOT cute.

3. Fundamentalist Christians, especially the sexist, misogynistic ones who think that women should be denied the right to safe abortions, creationists, homophobic and racist jerks, and Tea Party fanatics will be deleted immediately. As a matter of fact, the instant I check out your journal and see words like 'god', 'jesus', 'bible', and 'Obama sucks', I'll delete you because I don't even want to know you. And yes, I DID capitalize President Obama's name and not the rest. That should give you a hint, right there.

4. The same goes for bot and advertising accounts that were started in the last two minutes but somehow have 2157 friends. And oh by the way... I report those.

5. Persistent commenters, ie. harassers, will be merrily reported to LiveJournal.